Programs Offered to ORMS Students


Youth Programs for ORMS Students
7 weeks; Mar 7th – Apr 20th
3:00PM – 4:00PM; Tuesdays and Thursdays


Is your middle schooler challenged to find the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity? Or does he/she need to think about preparing for upcoming sports activities? Strength training and conditioning programs can provide a safe, effective and fun method of exercise!
ORMS Student Strength & Conditioning 

This program is designed to build the fundamentals of functional strength and performance through developmentally appropriate movement education. Sessions will focus on the development of basic athleticism, body control/awareness, self-confidence and more.

Regular participation in this program will improve coordination, strength, body composition, endurance, flexibility, balance and focus.
ORMS Cardio Sport 

The purpose of the Cardio Sport Exercise System is to train a student through a series of targeted conditioning strategies with the primary objective of allowing the student to make more informed decisions in the competitive playing arena particularly as they fatigue. Through our proprietary course design, we place the student in a purpose driven, problem solving environment which continually presents them with opportunities for decision making. We are one of the only facilities in the area offering Cardio Sport.

Join us for our upcoming session:

$79/session: 1x a week

$115/session: 2x a week

Note: If there is enough participant interest, we will add a Wednesday option. Please express your interest in this option at the time of registration. We will notify you should we receive the minimum number of participants (6) to support a Wednesday session.
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