Programs Offered to ORMS Students


Youth Programs for ORMS Students
8 weeks; Jan 2nd – Feb 22nd
3:30PM – 4:30PM; Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays


Is your middle schooler challenged to find the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity? Or does he/she need to think about preparing for upcoming sports activities? Strength training and conditioning programs can provide a safe, effective and fun method of exercise! We recommend at least 2 classes a week.
ORMS Student Strength & Conditioning 

This program is designed to build the fundamentals of functional strength and performance through developmentally appropriate movement education. Sessions will focus on the development of basic athleticism, body control/awareness, self-confidence and more.

Regular participation in this program will improve coordination, strength, body composition, endurance, flexibility, balance and focus. One of the best features of strength training for kids is the success rate that overweight boys and girls experience. Unlike most athletic activities (e.g., running, jumping, soccer and basketball), in which extra body weight is undesirable, strength training actually favors larger youth and gives them a much-needed sense of physical accomplishment. Because the amount of weight lifted is positively related to body weight, heavier children can usually train with heavier weight loads than their lighter peers.
YOGA For Teens

Teenagers need yoga.

Although adults have stressful jobs and have to look after families and pay bills, teenagers still have to study for exams, sit for exams, complete assignments and perform speeches in front of peers. All of this sitting and studying for exams makes their brains turn to mush. 

Teens don’t usually need yoga as a means to stay fit. They are generally quite fit, but they do need it as a tool to calm the mind, relax and stay in the present. Rather than worry about that speech they have to give next Tuesday, or about how behind they are on assignments compared to everyone else, they need to just be in the moment. The present moment. They need to concentrate on the breath and the body, while focusing on those sweet, sweet asanas.

Another reason they love yoga and why they need yoga is because teens are so judgmental. They are not only judgmental of themselves, but also judgmental of others. We’re not skinny enough, not pretty enough, too many pimples, haven’t had enough boyfriends/girlfriends,  don’t have a Pandora, don’t have the latest iThis or iThat, we don’t wear enough makeup or we wear too much makeup, our school clothes don’t look as hot as the next person, you get my point.

We all need to chill out, take a child’s pose and really let out all that judgment, stress and negativity out.

Now please don’t take what I’m saying to mean that I believe teenagers deserve more attention in class or more yoga time than everyone else, because I’m not. I’m simply saying although beneficial to teens for different reasons (coping with exams, judgmental peers, failure on exams) than adults, we want to offer students a safe place to learn yoga and be away from the stress and judgment  for an hour or so like many adults experience at their Yoga classes.

 Join us for our upcoming session:  (TELL US WHAT DAYS YOU ARE DOING IN THE NOTE SECTION)

$79/session: 1x a week  ($9.87 a class)

$139/session: 2x a week ($8.68 a class)

$179/session: 3x a week ($7.45 a class)

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