The Great Fitness Dilemma

You finally made the emotional commitment and are ready to start a new exercise program. You are already envisioning the “new you” both physically and emotionally. Nothing beats feeling great about the way you look and that in itself makes you feel better emotionally. Funny how the two work in conjunction with one another! Now the question is, “How do I get the “current” me to look and feel like the “future” me”?

As stated before throughout this incredibly informative pile of information, the majority of our population is for the most part, inexperienced or misinformed regarding most aspects of health, fitness and exercise. Even those that have been exercising for years openly admit they have done little to change their physical appearance or improve their overall level of fitness. Wildcat Fitness, like most other clubs, has countless machines and accessories available that are designed to help you lose weight, tone up, get stronger, grow taller and feel younger but unless you know how to properly utilize them (with your specific goals in mind), what good are they? You supply the energy, desire and enthusiasm – let Wildcat Fitness supply the expertise and motivation!

We live in a society where time is of the essence therefore nobody wants to waste time. Our goal, while you are here exercising, is to ensure you don’t waste your time. You want to get into your best physical shape ever and you want it accomplished yesterday. If you are indeed serious about finally accomplishing your fitness goals, then we guarantee we have the answer to the great fitness dilemma. The key to your success here at Wildcat Fitness begins with our comprehensive fitness consultation!

New Member Fitness Consultations

The Fitness Consultation, which is unquestionably the key to your success, is a series of four 90-minute one-on-one appointments (performed every 90 days) with one of our professionally trained Fitness Consultants. Our goal, from the very start of your member experience, is to assess your current fitness and determine, based on your individual goals, how to progress you towards those goals. Your current fitness “is what it is”, so the focus is on making improvements going forward.

The 90 minute consultation includes: a health and history screening; a complete fitness assessment; a fitness floor assessment on function, form and mobility; and a periodized prescription.

Actual assessments are as follows:

  • In-depth health screening to ensure every member is safe to exercise.
  • A cardio-vascular assessment to evaluate how efficiently the heart and lungs function during exercise.
  • A body composition analysis.
  • Flexibility and strength limitation assessment.
  • Measurement of blood pressure and resting heart rate.
  • Muscular endurance assessments.
* Any tests or procedures can be omitted if you are uncomfortable with them or the explanation as to why they are beneficial. We’re flexible!

Once the fitness consultation has been completed our Wildcat Fitness consultant will have all the necessary data which will enable her to prescribe a personalized course of action that will lead you on your path to success!

Note: The initial fitness consultation is merely a starting point used to determine where you stand (at a given point in time) in terms of level of fitness and exercise knowledge. The value of the Fitness Assessment is that it essentially takes the guess work out of how much progress you are actually making. Every 90 days, you receive quantitative data that lets you (and your Fitness Consultant) know if your efforts and exercise program are actually getting you closer to your goals. Often times, adjustments are needed (to a prescribed program) and are done so at that time. Simply utilizing a scale is obviously a limited indicator as to how an individual is progressing with their exercise program.