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Leah Smith

  • by admin
  • August 23, 2014
I absolutely love going to Wildcat Fitness
I am an undergraduate student at UNH and I absolutely love going to Wildcat Fitness. Every time I walk in, friendly staff always welcomes me at the door. I never have to wait for a machine and the gym has all the equipment I need plus much more. It is always very clean and it is filled with new machines. The membership packages are very affordable, especially for a college student like me. They have special rates for students, which is nice that they understand not everyone can afford an expensive gym membership. This is such a great gym and I am going to be very sad once I graduate and have to leave. One of the best opportunities I had was to personal train with John Tavares. He is such a nice guy and an amazing personal trainer. I love to do cardio and he showed me ways I can improve my workouts by adding muscle training into my cardio routines. I always steered clear of the weight machines because I was never really sure how to use them correctly. He showed me the proper way to use the machines and different techniques that he had developed in order to use the machines to their full potential. He motivated me to push myself more than I ever thought I could. I was always excited to have personal training sessions; he would give me such great advice and tips. I would definitely advise people to personal train with him, he taught me so much about the weight machines, my muscles, and the proper foods I should be eating. He puts 100% into every session and truly cares about his clients.