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Mark Ferland – Fitness Director/Head Personal Trainer/Class Instructor

What started as mere curiosity more than a decade ago quickly morphed into my greatest passion.  As I learned more about the science of training, nutrition and how to improve body composition, my desire to impact the lives of others by sharing this knowledge led me to pursue a career as a personal trainer. I spent three years coaching and teaching weight training to sports teams at Spaulding High School before deciding that I really wanted to train clients one-on-one in a more personalized setting.

                My main training philosophies are centered around strength training and core strengthening/conditioning. My belief is that by building a strong foundation you are building a life of physical and emotional wellness.

                I specialize in weight lifting, fat loss, HIIT conditioning, bodybuilding routines and physique transformations. I feel every client has their own goals and desires and I believe in creating programs that are progressive and personally tailored to each individual client.

                Trying to find a balance between everything life throws at you can be challenging. Sometimes this causes us to put our own health and wellness on the back burner. Even in my own life I struggle balancing my own fitness regimen with work, school, my awesome girlfriend and her two kids along with three very crazy cats. However, if you are willing to work hard, stay consistent and commit to at little “you time”  I know you’ll be extremely excited by the results we can achieve together!

My specialties are in:

  • Strength training
  • Fat loss and weight management
  • HIIT conditioning
  • Nutritional advice

My Certifications:

  • NASM personal trainer
  • NESTA physique and figure training specialist
  • CPR/AED and first aid

Peter Nason – Personal Trainer

Peter Nason

Peter Nason:

I fell into fitness accidentally when a friend invited me to a group fitness class. I huffed, puffed, and struggled through the class, and realized my sedentary lifestyle needed to change. I joined the class, started doing cardio on off days, and worked to improve my performance. Meeting the challenge of that class motivated me to try new things, like running a 5k and mixed martial arts. The empowerment that came from stepping out of my comfort zone was addictive, and before I knew it, I was testing myself in races, martial arts tournaments, and bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions. 


Fitness has opened my eyes to what is possible when an individual lets go of fear and embraces new experiences. As a personal trainer and instructor, my aim is to help people realize their own potential, open themselves to new opportunities, and achieve their personal goals.


I look forward to helping others discover fitness and hope my experiences of weight loss, endurance training, and strength training can benefit clients as they find their way along their own fitness journey. 



ACE Certified Personal Trainer

RYT 200 Registered Yoga Teacher

CPR/AED Certified



Strength Training

Flexibility and Mobility

Weight Management


Pete Cathey – Strength & Conditioning Coach

Pete Cathey:

A Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Pete has over 25 years of experience in coaching.  Pete learned about training while rowing at Brown University, where he acquired a Biology Degree and then began instructing at his local gym.  Pete moved into full-time coaching, as an assistant coach at Brown and eventually as the head rowing coach at UNH for twenty years.  Pete has since transitioned to doing more varied training for a wide range of ages and fitness levels, with focuses on Total Body Fitness Improvement, Circuit Training, Strength Training and General Athletic Preparation.  Pete lives his belief that fitness improves lives, and can often be found working out at Wildcat, when he is not skiing, hiking, camping, rowing or off on a family adventure.

Additional Certifications:

  • Strength & Conditioning Coach thru NSCA
  • First Aid
  • CPR / AED Certified

Valerie Nesom – Personal Trainer & Group Fitness instructor

Valerie Nesom:
Valerie is a certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise. She is also a Group Fitness Instructor through the National Exercise Trainers Association and a certified Barre Instructor through Beyond Barre. Valerie started her fitness career training at the University of New Hampshire Campus Recreation Center in 2015 as a cycling and strength instructor.  She is a Nutrition student at UNH and plans to graduate in December of 2017. Valerie has been active all her life with an extensive dance background in ballet. She has a passion for dance and fitness and loves to incorporate both in her group fitness classes.  

Additional Certifications:

  • Ace Certified: Personal Trainer
  • First Aid/AED Certified

What people say about Wildcat Fitness


I recently signed up for a personal training session with John. I have been an avid member of Wildcat Fitness, minus the few months I was away studying abroad, and I really enjoy the atmosphere (...)

Susan Schettini
Susan Schettini

I committed to 12 training sessions with John 7 weeks ago. It is the first time I have worked with a trainer. I used to work out regularly on my own a number of years ago, mostly free weights, (...)

Leah Smith
Leah Smith
I absolutely love going to Wildcat Fitness

I am an undergraduate student at UNH and I absolutely love going to Wildcat Fitness. Every time I walk in, friendly staff always welcomes me at the door. I never have to wait for a machine and (...)

Ken Wade
Ken Wade
I always finish my workout with a HydroMassage

"I have had two back operations and the HydroMassage bed works wonders to give me consistent relief. Besides this 10 minutes results in total relaxation!" Ken Wade

I needed to be stronger!

I am really happy with Wildcat Fitness and their personal trainers who taught me all I need to know about how to give myself a powerhouse of a full body workout. I joined because of patella (...)

Wendy Brooks
Wendy Brooks
Love Linda's Spinning Classes
Love Linda's Spinning Classes

Linda's spinning classes are excellent. She makes it fun and I get a great workout.

L.M. (Female)
L.M. (Female)
Loved training here

Training gave me a great wake up call

Paul T
Paul T
Great local gym
Paul T

Gym has most everything I need, and I've gotten to know most of the staff which are all pretty positive. Tried a couple of the classes which were challenging

Tim Tormey
Tim Tormey
Best Gym Ever
The best gym in the seacoast!

I love this place! the staff is so friendly, the place is always clean, the equipment is top notch!
an amazing list of classes and trainers!

Lizzie Kinney
Lizzie Kinney


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