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Pivotal Barre w/ Jocelyn

  • by ken
  • December 22, 2019

Non-Member per class: $20 Members per class:$10

What Member say about this class:

“Barre class with Jocelyn is intense.  The workouts can literally transform your body within a very short period of time.  Her motivational and creative teaching style encouraged me to push my body harder, but in an anatomically correct way, maximizing results.  I have become stronger and more limber and much more aware of what my body is – and will be- capable of because of her Barre classes.  I initially went into her classes in not the best of shape, with pretty low endurance.  After just about three weeks, I began to see real changes in both the tone and strength of my muscles.  Barre is a great whole body workout: challenging but also a lot of fun!”  – Emily M

“I have been taking barre classes from Jocelyn for two years, and even though I am active and participate in a lot of different activities, her classes remain the most challenging, and rewarding, of any classes I have ever taken.  Not only have I noticed changes (for the better!) in my muscle strength and posture, due both to her ability to focus on form and her insane ability to push you past where you think you can go, I have also learned how to push myself harder than ever in other non-barre activities. She’s amazing!” – Alison