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Class Descriptions


Barre (pronounced bar) fuses Pilates, ballet, calisthenics and yoga to streamline, firm, tighten and tone muscles and re-align the body without adding bulk. It’s a 50-minute total-body workout to help you achieve a dancer’s body.

Body Blitz 30

ALL FITNESS LEVELS WELCOME. This class is a 30 minute high-energy, total-body conditioning class that focuses on every muscle group with the intent of improving your cardiovascular strength and endurance. This workout is a calorie-buster that will provide impressive results by increasing strength and muscle tone. The class will include a variety of simple, timed exercises, using light hand-weights, aerobic balls and body weight exercises.


Full body training! For 45 minutes you’ll be lead through drills designed to increase strength and stamina. From burpees to crab walks to sprints, prepare to work hard and get strong!

Build & Burn

Using both free weights and your own body weight, you will move through strength exercises to build lean muscle and sculpt your entire body. This is followed by 15 minutes of HIIT drills to burn calories and torch fat. If you can only get to the gym once this week, this is your class. Be ready to work!

Core De Force

CORE DE FORCE workouts are broken into 3-minute “rounds”—just like a real boxing match. For 3 minutes, you’ll attack Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai combinations. Bodyweight moves. And a fat-blasting cardio spike in every round. It’s Non-contact and it is not a self-defense class. CORE DE FORCE uses high-intensity intervals using skill-based cardio training and includes some bodyweight training using core-centric movements. It is musically driven, but everyone can go at their own pace. Perfect for all skill levels. No MMA or Kickboxing experience needed because there are modifications available for every move. Find your FIGHT and attend Amy’s CORE DE FORCE class.

Core, Strength & Stretch

A 55 minute class that will raise the heart rate during low impact core-strengthening songs, then focus on upper torso, glutes and abdominals (with or without hand-held weights), and finish with about 10 minutes of muscle lengthening stretches at the end.


A 55-minute total body workout that combines the high-energy and fun of cardio dance routines with muscle toning and flexibility improving sections. Set to the hottest pop, hip-hop and dance music, the easy to follow routines incorporate weights, resistance bands and exercise balls for variety to continually challenge your body. Designed for beginner to intermediate levels, DanceFit allows you to get it all done in one hour!


This class combines the best parts of Yoga, Pilates, Barre, and strength training for a low impact, customizable, full body workout.

Functional Fitness

Perform tasks in training that replicate the movements found in life; improve strength while increasing your heart rate using high intensity interval and circuit techniques. All fitness levels welcome as each exercise can be modified.

Interval Training

A type of continuous training that involves a series of low to high intensity exercise workouts interspersed with rest.

KIT (Kettlebell Interval Training)

Combining HIIT with kettlebell training builds muscle and endurance at the same time. Kettlebell training uses high speed, ballistic motions that derive power from the hips and legs, while stabilizing the back, while circuit training causes rapid cardiovascular changes that resemble traditional endurance training. This amazing conditioning workout will really burn those calories.

Mindfulness Yoga

Offered during the lunch time hour so participants can de-stress and spend time on yourself. See why this type of class is so important.

Morning Bootcamp

Join us to energize your morning and prepare for the day. This interval/circuit style class is a perfect blend of cardio work and strength training. The class is set to music which will motivate movement! All the movements can be modified so all levels of fitness are welcome!


PLYOGA is for EVERYONE trying to connect with their inner athlete

​No Equipment. No Frills. Just You.


PLYOGA is a 4 part interval training system using the benefits of fundamental & accelerated yoga as an active recovery for plyometric (reactive) movement.

Senior Strength

Are you looking for a class that helps older-adult participants with balance, coordination, agility, flexibility and strength training? Senior Strength is a dynamic combination of strength development and cardiovascular conditioning for the active older adult. Move through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily living. Hand-held weights and elastic tubing are offered for resistance.


A high energy class with great music and motivating Instructors riding a varied mixture of flats, hills & sprints while burning calories all the way!

Spin & Ball

For 30 minutes you’ll follow Linda in a great Spin class. The second half of the class will focus on your core, arms and chest, as Linda leads you through different exercises utilizing stability balls and Swiss balls! Don’t have a full hour? Join us for the first half or the second half.

Spin & TRX

For 30 minutes you’ll follow Linda in a great Spin class. The second half of the class will focus on your core, arms and chest, as Linda leads you through different exercises utilizing TRX Suspension straps! Don’t have a full hour? Join us for the first half or the second half.

Strong by Zumba

Is a complete workout of high intensity. The music was crafted to drive the intensity in a challlenging progression that provides a total body workout. The format is completely different from regular Zumba, where dance movements are based on the routine.


TRX® Suspension Training® is a revolutionary total-body fitness program that uses gravity against the individual’s own body-weight to simultaneously develop strength, balance, flexibility, endurance and core stability. TRX is for all fitness levels and you simply need to change the angle of your body to increase or decrease the intensity of any given exercise. This is functional fitness at its best.

TRX Intervals

This is a high intensity, interval and cardio training class targeted directly at burning calories and weight loss. Watch your heart rate soar through multiple rounds of strength work, each followed by an intense cardio challenge. You will have fun and you will be out of breath.

Turbo Kick Live

Turbo Kick Live is the ultimate cardio-kickboxing class. No bags, no gloves, just challenging boxing combos choreographed to the hottest music mixes. Perfect for your form and figure. All fitness levels welcome.

Yoga Flow

Is a blend of yoga poses and creative, joyful movement. The class is intended for all levels and abilities.

Yoga Hatha Flow

A gentler approach to yoga that is appropriate for all levels. We hold the classic yoga asanas (postures) using different sequencing based upon group needs and preferences for stretching, strengthening, opening, and cleansing the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Asanas, coordinated with pranayama (breathwork), reduce chronic tension and enable deep relaxation. With consistent practice, we expand our abilities to released blocked energy, focus our minds, and stay present in difficult situations on and off the yoga mat.

Yoga Senior Mobility

This safe and slower-moving class is designed for seniors and people of all ages with physical challenges, or those who might be recovering from an injury. We work gently to increase range of motion in shoulders, back, hips and legs, to develop better balance, core awareness and breath awareness.