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St. Charles Children’s Home Toy Donation

  • by christie
  • December 16, 2011

Where do the Toys Go?

The home is licensed to accept children three years of age to twelve years.  Children are referred to them by the Division for Children, Youth and Families.  One of the goals of St. Charles is to provide a nurturing setting for sibling groups so that unnecessary separation can be avoided.  The home also provides professional help and advocacy for children and parents.  St. Charles Children’s Home bases its program on the general characteristics of a “family model.”  Each individual is drawn into the family first to receive love and care during this critical time of separation from birth parents.  It is the goal of the home to help in the rehabilitation of the family unit first by helping the children gain new behavioral skills and secondly by helping parents build on their parenting resources.

Wildcat Fitness participates in the donation of toys annually and would greatly appreciate your support.  Bring in toys to Wildcat Fitness and help make children’s Christmas wishes come true!

Happy Holidays


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