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Stay Motivated

  • by christie
  • October 4, 2011

Set Goals Make your goals reasonable. Something you know is a reach, but that you will be able to complete

Make it fun!  Make sure you include things that you can smile and enjoy doing

Fit Fitness into your daily routine  Sitting at the desk all day? Do some leg lifts while sitting down.  Waiting for your kids to get out piano lessons? Go for a walk instead of sitting in the car… Need to get to class?  Leave 5 minutes earlier and go the long way

Put it on paper  Writing things down can help you visualize your thoughts and makes your goals a solid agreement to yourself

Join forces with friends  A good way to stay motivated is checking in with friends…it’s easier to let yourself get away with not following through, but if you have someone else checking in on you, it’s a tad more serious

Reward yourself  Making progress? Let yourself be rewarded.  Take a day to relax and get things done, have a meal with the most amount of flavors to make your mouth water while you’re cooking it!

Be flexible  If you just can’t find the time to work out, be easy.  Take a day or two off and get motivated again to get back into your routine!


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